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I’m probably like most people who live in Nevada and the rest of the United States, I’m concerned about some of the things that are happening in our state and country. I’m also grateful to be a citizen of this great state and country. There is no other place in the world that gives us the freedoms and opportunities that we have. I’ve been blessed enormously and loved having Nevada as my home. I’ve reared my five children in Nevada and been able to enjoy being a doctor here for nearing 39 years.

There are many talented Nevadans who would represent our state in Washington D.C. well. Most have no or little interest in being a candidate or a politician. Others who would like to serve have reasons why they can’t. I’m someone who enjoys politics and feel that at this time in my life, I would like to put myself out there, for those who live in Nevada, as someone who can and will represent our citizens and our state well to help solve our nations problems and make our world even a better place for everyone.

Over the next months, as the campaign progresses, I hope to meet as many people as possible, preferably in person, but for many I realize it will be via the internet, social media, and the media. I will share my perspective, views, and thoughts concerning many weighty matters that matter to all of us and share my ideas on how to solve them. 

There is such a diversity of persons in our state and with that a diversity of opinions, I’m confident that I won’t be in alignment with everyone, but in my opinion, I can represent a large majority of Nevadans well. I hope to gain the trust and respect of enough people, to get your vote and represent you in Washington D.C. as your next U.S. Senator.

I know the campaign won’t be easy and frankly I’m not sure how I will do it. One of my favorite authors wrote the book, “The Obstacle Is the Way.” I believe that it the way. So, I will start and move forward deal with the challenges as they come.

I’m 66 years old. Some twenty years ago, I served for three terms in the Nevada State Legislature as an assemblyman. For four months, I would live in Carson City, except for most weekends when I would fly home to be with my family and do a little work. On Sunday evening, I would fly back to Carson City.

During my last term, while I was serving as the minority leader, my eight-year-old son was visiting with me in Carson City and it happened to be his birthday. I asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he said, “I want a lego set and I don’t want you to run for reelection for a while.” I said happy birthday and gave him a lego set and told him I wouldn’t run. Well, my five children (four daughters and one son) are grown and I have twelve grandchildren.

My son is graduating from medical school in May. It has been “a while” since I served and so

it’s time to give it a go.

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